JHB Supermoto was founded in 2013 with an idea among friends to attempt to round up as many supermotard riders for weekend blasts around the town.

What started off as a small Facebook riding group has now evolved into a social platform where friends, riders, followers and supporters all come together to share a similar passion for life, the passion of being on a motorcycle, to be free, to express individuality.

The success and growth of the group has been a result of likeminded people putting their heads together and sharing individual talent which has resulted in more than we ever imagined.

Apart from where we started as a riding group, we have now branched into various other aspects of the lifestyle we love and live so be sure to check out our latest ventures on JSM TV, a platform to showcase local talent from South Africa, local companies and events. JSM Apparel is our clothing label where we are kitting ourselves and all followers up in sweet gear.

We do not condone recklessness or breaking of any laws but encourage people with the same passion and lifestyle to excel and have fun.

Be sure to hit us up on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.

JSM – Watch it, Like it, Share it!!!!!

We’re not a club. We’ve never been – and will never be a club or organization of any sort. We’re a  bunch of like-minded folks with similar passions. Trying our hand at a clothing line has been an added bonus to give back to the riders, fans, supporters and like minded people all over the world.